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Appeals / Awareness

Technical and policy support for regulatory strategies

Scientific advice on robustness of regulatory challenges

Successful collaboration with legal teams for positive outcomes.

Complying with legislation on chemicals is most often a case of simply meeting the requirements. However, there are times when this is not possible or doesn’t make sense. Usually, this means there is a need for active dialogue with regulatory and enforcement agencies to ensure that the specific issues and technical details of chemical product use and supply chains are understood. Sometimes progress cannot be made and a legal challenge is the only recourse.

PFA‐Brussels has the experience and capacity to assist both the regulated, and the regulators, to facilitate good dialogue and exchange of the right information to achieve understanding and progress towards effective and positive regulation – a ‘win win’ for both parties.

PFA has a good understanding of both sides of the ‘regulatory fence’ and therefore can act as facilitators. Our knowledge of the regulations is underpinned by our scientific expertise, which helps both sides achieve positive outcomes.

When legal challenge is needed, lawyers are of course the experts, but clear understanding of the technical issues is essential to building robust cases. PFA‐Brussels can draw upon experience of working with specialist lawyers, providing much needed technical expertise that results in successful outcomes for our clients.

PFA‐Brussels can team up with leading Brussels‐based specialist lawyers to provide services to support and advise on legal challenges to chemicals regulations. We are equally well placed to work with our clients’ in‐house legal counsel.